Sex or Deaf? Viagra and Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner with playmates

Playboy's owner Hugh Hefner's twin girlfirends Karissa and Kristina Shannon told to UK's leading newspaper that Hugh Hefner' is nearly deaf due to viagra usage. According to one of the twin Karissa:

You have to lean down and talk into his good ear for him to understand you… We could sit right next to him and he wouldn’t have a clue what we said.

When she was asked if Hugh Hefner has stopped using Viagra, Karissa said that:


He said he would rather have sex than have his hearing. He has hearing aids now and even then he can only hear out of one ear.

So, did Viagra caused the deafness in Hugh Hefner? Of course, you can not be certain that Viagra is responsible for deafness in an 88-year-old man. As mentioned in the SSHL article, "Erectile dysfunctions medications (sildenafil, active ingredient in Viagra, cialis etc.) are known to be associated with sudden hearing loss". Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting senior citizens.

But this doesn’t rule out that Viagra was not a factor to his hearing loss. Few years back, FDA made changes to the labels of drugs like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc. which come under erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. According to the changes, all labels need to clearly mention risk of sudden deafness.

In a study by the University of Alabama the relationship between hearing loss and Viagra and other ED druns was reported. In a study of over 11,000 men over 40, mey who used viagra or other ED were twice as likely to have hearing loss

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If you had a choice between sex and your hearing, which would you give up?

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