Alzheimer’s Disease and Hearing Loss

According to the study conducted on the patients of Alzheimer's disease, the prevalence of hearing loss was significantly higher and degree of hearing loss was directly related with the severity of decline in cognitive abilities. The results lend support to the hypothesis that hearing loss/impairment contributes to cognitive dysfunction in older adults.

Some people argue that hearing loss doesn't cause the dementia but both hearing loss and dementia are caused by some third factor. This may be the case but currently, there is no statistical evidence to support this theory that the cause of dementia and hearing loss is same. It is believed (without any proof) that the stress of going through hearing loss is a factor in getting Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

According to the study conducted in 1986, of those with dementia and hearing loss, 33% were reclassified to a less severe category of dementia once the hearing corrections was used. More information on this study and others can be found by visiting website of AudiologyOnline.